This is a complex time for your business with IT changing at an increasing rate. Not only are on-premises systems moving to Hybrid services but many of these services are becoming native cloud and even server-less services.

While there are so many options available, not all will fit your business, and the wrong step may result in huge costs and a serious risk to your business’ operations.

Morewynstowe IT will assist you to navigate these changes whether it be maintaining your on-premises environment or migrating to newer technologies.

Manage and Upgrade Existing On-Premises Infrastructure

Many businesses try to force cloud services into their businesses but this isn’t always the best choice. On-Premises software is stable and often has more features than comparable cloud services. We have over 20 years in implementing and managing Microsoft technologies in this space.

Migrate Existing On-Premises Infrastructure to Cloud Services

While many services can be moved into native cloud services most businesses will still have some legacy services that simply will not support newer cloud services. It may make sense to migrate these into an IaaS cloud service rather than operating on-premises hardware or leasing space in an external data centre

Implement Hybrid Cloud Services

Microsoft technologies in particular provide great hybrid services which can provide the flexibility and cost saving of the cloud while retaining advanced features still only present on-premises.

This is an area that many support staff are lacking experience which may result in failed deployments and low user-acceptance.

We can provide the expertise to make these deployments a success while minimising the impact on your staff.

Migrate to Native Cloud Services

There are many benefits to implementing cloud services but they are not the solution to all problems. Migrating the wrong process to the wrong cloud service can be disastrous.

We can analyse your existing processes and provide guidance migrating the right process to the right service.

While we have significant Microsoft services experience the Amazon AWS cloud is hard to ignore in this space and we can provide expertise in both of the major cloud vendors.

IT Architecture

This is a time of significant change which requires investigation, planning and communication in order to succeed.

We strive to provide simple solutions to what may seem to be complex requirements by using the right technology, implemented using the right implementation methodology.

We know that your business is unique and will work with you towards a common goal.

Maintain Services

Many businesses will implement a new environment and then hand it over for the existing support staff to maintain. This can be difficult when they don’t have the experience with newer technologies.

We can provide on-going support to keep the environment running smoothly, whether this be direct support, escalation services or mentoring and training.

Whether this be managing your on-premises infrastructure or new cloud services we can assist.

Rich experience in On-Premises Technology

  • Windows Desktop
  • Windows Server
  • Hyper-V
  • VMware vSphere
  • Skype for Business Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Active Directory Services
    • Domain Services
    • Certificate Services
    • Federation Service
  • System Center
    • Virtual Machine Manager
    • Configuration Manager
    • Operations Manager
  • Security Analysis and Remediation
  • Single Sign On and Federation
  • Environment Health Checks and Remediation
  • Backup Remediation

Deep experience in Cloud Services

  • Office 365
    • Hybrid Services
    • Exchange Online
    • Skype for Business
    • Teams
    • Azure AD
    • Enterprise Mobility
    • InTune
    • SharePoint Online
  • AWS Cloud Services
    • EC2 Services
    • S3 Storage
    • Lambda
    • Elastic Container Service
  • Azure Cloud Services
    • Virtual Machines
    • App Services
    • Functions
    • Azure Container Services


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While we strive to have hassle free deployments things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes that’s the time that you learn the most about the technology that we are using.

We will also document new technology that we come across and our opinion on how this will fit into the IT landscape.

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